Best Option Trading Nesletters

Best option trading nesletters

Analysis, Commentary, Education, and Specific Trading Recommendations on a weekly basis

In its 28th year of publication, The Option Strategist newsletter remains one of the industry's most respected stock options newsletters.

Best option trading nesletters

Written by renowned analyst and best selling author Larry McMillan, The Option Strategist continues to be an essential investing tool for novices and experts alike. Inside every edition of this weekly newsletter, you'll find market commentary, opinion and recommendations on option trading and the stock market.

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From index, to stock and futures options, including general and specific recommendations, The Option Strategist covers it all. The newsletter is delivered either by email or US Mail. Subscriptions also include access to the weekly research article, periodically posted during the week.

An Option Strategist subscription includes:

  • A Newsletter Every Friday:
    The Option Strategist Newsletter is published each Friday, and is generally delivered in the morning.
  • Feature Articles:
    Research articles covering relevant topics, historical studies, and new strategies are published throughout the week and delivered to subscribers immediately.

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     Click Here to view an index of past Feature Article topics.

  • Specific Trading Recommendations:
    Including follow-up action, trading stops and position analysis. Recommendations are made in the following strategies:
  • Option Buying (puts & calls) based on put-call ratios, speculation, momentum, etc
  • Ratio Spreads, Calendar Spreads, Bull & Bear spreads, Back Spreads, etc
  • Inter-market Spreads
  • Condors / Iron Condors
  • Straddles & Strangles
  • Covered Call Writing & Naked Put Selling
  • Volatility Trading
  • Seasonal Trading
  • and much more
  • Current Market Analysis:
    Larry's weekly stock market analysis based on various technical indicators including put-call ratios, breadth, sentiment, price action, momentum, volatility and volatility derivatives.
  • The Basics
    Review and explanation of key option concepts.
  • Charts, Graphs, & Tables
    Pertinent charts and graphs illustrating important positions, studies, and ideas (put-call ratio signals, price action, support & resistance, term structure, McMillan Oscillator, volatility & variance futures, etc).

    Best option trading nesletters

    Tables detailing lists of valuable data ("stocks only" advances & declines, covered call write candidates, volatility skews, expensive and cheap options, implied volatility of $VIX options, etc).

  • Volatility & Variance Futures and Options Update
    In-depth analysis and commentary on the current volatility and variance derivatives markets and what they're saying about the stock market.

    This important information is found only here.

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Track Record

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Each Option Strategist Newsletter subscriber is granted access to the full last year of back issues.

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Best option trading nesletters