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Binary options trading club

Setup binary options pivot bot from Binary Options Copy Trading Club

We highly recommend that your put your Binary Bot on a Virtual Private Server or a VPS for short.

A VPS is basically a brand new Windows computer hosted on a server for you and connected to the internet 24/7.

You access it by Remote Desktop from your own computer or you can access it via Android or Iphone.

There are tons of VPS providers out there, but we have found two that will cover every possible scenario at a reasonable price.

The first one is called CheapVPS.

and will easily cover running our binary options trading bots.

The second one is called ForexVPS which is for more serious trading where you will need low latency and more speed and space for trading Forex Expert Advisers for example.

Let us take a look at CheapVPS first.

Do not let the name fool you.

They are a reputable VPS provider based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The VPS package that we recommend costs just €7.25 per month.

It does automatically re-bill for you each month as well.

They do offer the option of paying for it quarterly, semi annually and yearly as well, which will give you a small saving in price over the monthly option.

Payment can be made via Skrill or PayPal plus a host of other options.

The VPS package is called xPress VPS and consists of the following:

I GBP Memory (RAM)
2 Core CPU
25 GB Disk Space
I TB Bandwidth
That is more than enough to run your binary bot and even add in an instance of MT4 if you like.

⇒⇒ Visit CheapVPS here

That will bring you to a page that looks like the following:

Click on Pricing at the top of the page and you will see the following page:

Forget about that 3.50 Euro per month option.

Binary options trading club

Only 750 RAM will make you want to pull your hair out.

The Xpress VPS is the minimum one that we suggest.

So after you have selected the Xpress VPS you will come to the following page:

As you can see the price is actually €5 plus €2.25 for a public IP address.

You need that to be able to login from your Remote Desktop.

Binary options trading club

Total is €7.25

Now you will need to fill in your server details.

The main thing is to select Windows Server 2012 and give your server a name and put in your email address and make a password.

Leave the rest as is.

Now hit the Checkout.

Fill in your personal particulars and select your payment method and complete your order.

Payment is done either with PayPal or Skrill.

You might have to wait a few hours to receive all your login details as they are Amsterdam based.

Once you do receive all your login details via email, then login to your VPS via remote desktop.

There will be explanations on how to do this in the email that you received from them.

You will find that Google Chrome is already installed on your VPS.

Use Chrome to login to your email and download the bot or bots to your new VPS machine and go through the installation instructions.

Forex VPS

Our second recommendation is Forex VPS if you looking at trading Forex Expert Advisers or where you want very low latency to the exchanges and speed of execution in cutting slippage is important to your trading.

This is obviously going to be a more expensive option, but it is still one of the more economical options out there, considering what you get.

Visit ForexVPS here