Custom Trading Platform Development Services

Custom trading strategy development

Custom trading strategy development can be a costly adventure. If you hire someone to write everything from scratch, then your cost of development will include time taken to create user interface and connect quotes and order execution to a trading platform of your choice.

We’ve already built a trading platform which has both a rich user interface and can connect to multiple broker platforms for quote retrieval and order execution.

This makes implementation of a new trading strategy a straight-forward process.

We can develop your custom trading strategy and build it into APM. It can be either a pair trading strategy or single stock trading strategy.

We advise traders to come up with generic rules that take user parameters. This way you don’t have to reveal any details of your strategy and we encourage that you keep it proprietary.

We do not charge for the development of your strategy but require a 3-month advance deposit for the usage of APM.

This requirement is in place to ensure that you are committed to your trading strategy.

In other words, your trading strategy will be built for free according to your specifications and your first 3 months of usage will be paid for in advance. If you decide to continue using the strategy thereafter, you’re welcome to continue with the regular monthly subscription.

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Your 3-month paid subscription will begin after the trading strategy is implemented and ready to be used.

Please contact us if you have any questions