Forex Trading For Programmers

Forex trading for programmers

Looking for a programmer to help you create custom indicators, scripts or Expert Advisors (EA) for trading platforms like MetaTrader, NinjaTrader or TradingView?

If yes, then this post is for you.

A programmer can help you automated your trading strategy, automate parts of your strategy (Incremental Automation) or create a custom indicator that nobody has.

But Forex programming services can actually be a little hard to find.

In my experience, even the most thorough Google searches do not uncover very many results.

It seems like most talented programmers are great at programming, but not so great at search engine optimization.

So I compiled my own list and decided to publish it here.

I also share my experiences with how to find the best trading programmer for you.

If you would rather learn to program yourself, take a look at our MT4 Programming Course for Beginners.

How to Find the Best Trading Programmer For You

Ultimately, your goal should be to find a programming company that you can develop a long-term working relationship with, so you can go to them every time you want some coding work done.

When you only work with one company, you know what to expect from them, you know about how much you will be paying and most importantly…you trust them.

Just like with Forex brokers, there are a lot of fly-by-night programming services out there, so you should be cautious.

The most important thing to remember, is to quadruple-check any work that a programmer gives you.

Trading Software Development For Retail And Small Institutional Traders

Some programmers will tell you that a program works, but they didn't take the time to test it properly. Programmers also make honest mistakes or there can be miscommunication on what you actually wanted the program to do.

So be sure to verify that every feature of your indicator, script or EA works as planned. If you have an EA programmed, test it in demo before ever using it in your live account.

It's your trading account on the line.

Check accordingly.

Have a Concise Project Specification and Testing Plan

Before you contact any programmers, the first step is to have a detailed project specification.

Expert Advisor Programming – The Old Way to Create Forex Robots

This doesn't have to be complex or formal, but you should know exactly what you want your new piece of software to do. Take the time to sit down and figure out if-then scenarios and include the formulas your software will be using.

If you don't know what you want your software to do, you cannot expect the programmer to know.

The best programmers can do many amazing things…but they don't read minds.

Also create some testing plans, so you can test your software after it's created.

Think of scenarios that could be tricky and figure out ways to test for them.

Forex trading for programmers

Again, you don't have to get super detailed, but at least sketch out a plan of the things you want to test before you call the project complete.

This step takes some time up front, but it saves a ton of headache later.

Don't skip it.

Put your spec and testing plan into a written document so it's easy to email.

How to Test Programmers

Once you have a spec and testing plan worked out, it's time to contact a few programmers.

Send your project specification out to a few different shops to get a quote.

This is where having a project spec beforehand helps a lot.

Then pay attention to the following: 

  • How fast do they respond?
  • How good is their written language?
  • Do they ask good clarification questions to show that they are paying attention?
  • Does their quote fit into your budget?
  • Can they provide you with references or testimonials?
  • Do they provide suggestions for improvement?

There may be one company that stands out, but usually there are 2 or 3 that look pretty good.

Regardless, you want to test out a company before you give them any serious amount of money.

If the project is not expensive, then you can just pay them upfront and see what it's like to deal with them.

What is a custom indicator?

I'll usually do this with simple indicators that cost less than $100.

However, if your project will cost a significant amount of money, then I would suggest doing the following:

  • Ask to pay half up front, then the other half when the programming is completed to your satisfaction. The programmer stays in control of the source code until you pay the second payment.

    That's fair to both parties.

  • Test the programmer with a small project first. Create a project that would cost less than $100 to do (or whatever “cheap” is to you).

    Forex trading for programmers

    Send that project out to test different programming companies before you ask them to do a larger project. This small amount of money spent up front can help you avoid losing a large amount of money later.

Now that you know what you need to contact a programmer, all you need are some companies to contact.

That's where my trading programming services directory comes in handy…

Forex Trading Programming Services

This is a free directory, where anyone can request to be on the list.

So be sure to do your homework and take the time to figure out the best programming solution for you.

It's your responsibility to do your own due diligence.


The folks at 4XDev provide a complete suite of services for your trading needs.

Some programming shops only specialize in MetaTrader or NinjaTrader, but 4XDev can do it all.

Here's a list of what they currently do:

As you can see, they are a 1-stop shop for everything in Forex programming.

Main Content

Indicator/EA conversion is a service that I commonly get asked about and not many shops are willing/able to do it, especially when converting to TradingView.

But 4XDev can do it.

Their prices are usually quite reasonable, so I suggest contacting them first.

Click this button to contact them and get a quote for your project.


SnapDragon Systems

Adam Hartley has created trading software for some of the biggest fund managers and institutions in the world.

Past clients have included Barclays Capital, the Tudor Group, Headstart Fund & the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

If you have a complex programming project that you need done right, talk to Adam.

Here are some of the services his company provides:



I have used MQLSoft for several MT4 indicator projects.

Witold is very responsive and has even jumped on my computer personally to fix an issue that I was having with a custom indicator.

His prices are reasonable and he specializes in MT4 custom programming for EAs, indicators and scripts.

He has also been very helpful with providing feedback on ideas that I've had.


Catalyst Research Group

Catalyst Research Group exists to provide the tools needed to claim investment sovereignty outside of the grasps of under performing financial entities that many individuals are funneled into.


  • Trading strategy development and automation
  • Backtesting, forward testing and strategy optimization
  • System integration, custom indicators, tools and APIs
  • Secure hosting (VPS) soltions
  • Pre-designed custom strategies, bar types and indicators

Contact is an MT4 Programming Solutions that provide programming service to help traders and financial institutions (especially foreign exchange/forex) to maximize their profit in trading using Meta Trader 4 Automated Trading Program (Robot) that is called Expert Advisor and Custom Indicators or Scripts.


  • Expert Advisors (EA), Custom Indicator (CI) and Scripts programming/modification
  • EA/CI/Scripts Protections using DLL
  • EA/CI/Scripts security using time limit, hardware id, user id or account number
  • Accept all EAs request programming using Custom Indicator or non Indicator such as martingale system, hedging system, stealth, trade management etc..
  • EAs basic feature : lot size, fixed take profit/stop loss, compatibility with 4/5 digits broker or ECN/non ECN broker, magic number, breakeven, trailing stop, max number of open trades, max number of trades per bar.
  • EAs advance feature with additional cost : stealth function, partial close, graphical take profit/stoploss, time function, GMT function, full error handling comment.



TradingCoders has built its own system for obfuscating, copy protecting and licensing for MetaTrader4 indicators and EAs.

MT4 is notorious for being difficult to protect a commercial indicator or EA, and they provide a hand-crafted service that removes key elements from your code and moves it into encrypted and compiled DLLs. Within these DLLs also lies our licensing code, which we can configure to your requirements.


  • Coding Services – Tailored programming solutions of indicators, strategies, EAs, formulas and studies to your specifications.
  • SaveAndLoad – Save and load files of parameters.
  • MirrorLines – See the market's hidden lines of force amazingly revealed, automatically!
  • Consulting – Brainstorm ideas with a coder about your custom trading methods and tools.
  • Conversions – Conversion between NinjaScript (.NET C#), eSignal efs (JavaScript) and MetaTrader MQL4, so you can migrate from one platform to the other.


FXBytes Technologies

FXBytes Technologies is a MT4 programming company that you can rely on to deliver top-notch software solutions well capable of addressing your requirements in Forex trading.

Forex traders across the world are waking up to the realization that MetaTrader programming holds so much positive potential worth harnessing – they are committed to helping you develop solutions that will enhance successful trading.


  • Programming Services
  • Coding Base
  • Expert Advisor



Metatrader-Gurus specializes in providing full solutions for Metatrader users.

They gained a lot of experience with Metatrader's programming languages (MQL 4 and MQL 5) and offer our skills with an addition of full support to our products.

This powerful platform supports different types of modules that may be programmed: You can automate your strategy with a module called Expert Advisor, or define drawing rules in the form of an indicator or just run a single batch of orders as a script.

In a few days your trading strategy may become a fully automated trading machine with our expertise in Metatrader programming.

They are familiar with the broker's side pitfalls and will program your product in the most efficient way

Contact develops automated trading systems so your computer can buy and sell currencies alone on the foreign exchange market, based on your own strategy.


MetaTrader 4 is the industry-leading trading platform for dealing with international financial markets.

How to Find a Rockstar Forex Trading Programmer

A complete solution to run your business operations and to provide world-class online brokerage services.



QuantMotion provides programming and consulting service to financial market traders and trading related businesses. They deliver a full spectrum of trading automation solutions globally.

They serve clients from dozens of different countries and all of them are ensured of the top quality and best designed solutions.


Consulting and Research – If you want us to design or improve a strategy.
Programming – If you have a strategy which you want to have programmed or changed.
Backtesting and Optimization – If you have a working automated strategy and want to know its strengh and weaknesses, optimize its performance.
Custom Programming – If you want something beyond standard possibilities of trading platforms.

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Web-based solutions, bridges, stand-alone applications.



EMET-Trading-Solutions offers services mostly for Traders and Analysts selling their own trading strategies. Whatever you trade – Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex – our services are for you.

Forex Trading Programming Services

We have NinjaTrader and cTrader certification.


  • Programming automated trading strategies and indicators
  • NinjaTrader, MetaTrader (MT4/MT5), MultiCharts, cTrader (cAlgo), OEC Trader, TradeStation
  • Primarily but not exclusively C#, MQL4/MQL5, and EasyLanguage
  • High level of security and complete confidentiality of your trading idea
  • Fixed price for your project
  • Personalized dedication to each and every customer



SleeplessTraders just might have the best company name on this list.

They specialize in coding for Forex platforms, but they say that they can code for almost any trading platform.


  • MQL4/MQL5 (MT4/MT5)
  • Easylanguage (Tradestation)
  • Java
  • C++/C#
  • Cuda
  • Sierra Charts


FX Craft

FX Craft creates automated trading systems, Expert Advisors (EA), indicators and other tools to improve trading in the Forex market.

They specialize mainly in MQL (MetaTrader) and JForex (Dukascopy) programming.


Automated strategies –program the investment strategies for MT4 and JForex platforms on your request.
Create indicators – program indicators supporting the analysis adapted to your individual needs.
Modification of products – customizes their product (such as Manual Trader) to your individual needs.


Free-FX Forex (FX) Programming

Free-FX are highly experienced in all types of Forex programming for the popular Metatrader platforms.

We offer a totally free programming service and never request any type of payment! Our services include programming, modifying, and decompiling all types of Metatrader programs like Expert Advisors (EA), indicators, and scripts.


EA – Programmers is a software development company specialised in Forex software programming, Expert Advisor programming, Forex Signal Service, Metatrader programming e.t.c.

Metatrader Programming Experts At Your Service!

Our company provide sophisticated automated trading solutions for various platforms as well as websitde design and programming services. They also develop cross-platform and web based solutions for your financial business. If you are a Forex trader, signal provider, or even a broker our team can offer excellent software solutions and supply custom integrations with external data sources.


  • MQL4 Programming
  • MQL5 Programming
  • Easy Language – MQL conversions
  • DLL Protection / Programming
  • License Management System
  • IPN Programming
  • Forex Sales Website Design
  • PHP Programming
  • Forex Signal Website Programming
  • Forex Joint Venture
  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Email Marketing
  • Premium Support
  • RSS Signal Configuration


Delphic Trading

Delphic Trading is a programming company that specializes in strategy backtesting, indicator programming and general programming services for Tradestation.

While most companies on this list specialize in MT4, Delphic can help you if your preferred platform is Tradestation.


Barmenteros has a team of professional MT4 programmers to develop your trading strategies.

Several years of experience dedicated to MT5 and MT4 programming guarantee you to get an MQL Expert Advisor, an Indicator or a Script according to your expectations.


Metatrader Solutions

  • Expert Advisors
  • Indicators
  • Scripts

Other Platforms



Soft4FX specializes in developing high-quality solutions for Metatrader 4.

Forex trading for programmers

They offer all kinds of trading software tailored to your needs. All projects are developed in close cooperation with customers in order to fully understand their requirements. Their MQL4 programming services include Expert Advisors, custom indicators and scripts.

  • MQL4 Programming Services – Although most programs are written for Metatrader 4 platform (MQL4 programming language), they also offer to build software for Metatrader 5 (MQL5 programming language).
  • Expert Advisors – Automate your strategy by turning it into EA.
  • Custom Indicators – Visualize your ideas with custom indicators.
  • Metatrader Scripts – A script is a program which is executed on your demand.

    Forex trading for programmers

    Unlike expert advisors or indicators, which may run all the time, scripts are intended for quick one-time operations.

  • Software Integration – Integrate Metatrader 4 with external software.


LX specializes in creating Expert Advisors and Indicators for Metatrader 4.


Expert Advisor Programming

Expert Advisor Programming help individual traders and institutional investors to develop, find tune and optimize their automated trading strategies.


  • Forex MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • NinjaTrader Strategy Programming



AirBionicFX is one of the leading companies providing programming services for the MetaTrader trading platform.


  • Professional MetaTrader programming
  • Custom integrations with external data sources (DLL programming)
  • MQL protection for mql4 and mql5 projects
  • License management for projects you share
  • Signal copy solutions
  • Broker-side development


Digital Trading Systems is a financial technology provider that offers forex software development for strategy developers who use the Metatrader 4 platform.

Their MQL4 and MQL5 solutions enable the design of complex systems and the implementation of proprietary Indicators and Expert Advisors for risk management.


MT4 Indicators – Intended for graphical displaying of preliminarily calculated dependences.

Forex trading for programmers

It cannot trade automatically but is a common component of automated forex trading.

Expert Advisors – is a forex trading robot linked up to a certain chart. The EA can both inform you about a possibility to trade and trade at an account automatically sending orders directly to the trade server. The Metatrader terminal supports testing strategies on history data with displaying trading in-and-out points in the chart.

Contact specializes in programming in the MQL language for the popular Metatrader platforms.

They are highly experienced in custom programming any type of Expert Advisor (EA), indicator, or script according to our client's needs. They can take your trading system or trading method and turn it into an automatic program for you to benefit from. Their programming is accurate, fast and cost-effective.


  • Custom Metatrader Programming
  • Modifications
  • Copyright Protection
  • One-Click Trading


Technique Trading Systems

Technique Trading Systems is a small team of specialists in MetaTrader development.

If you have ideas and strategies that you want to backtest or put into the live trading arena they can provide the necessary expertise. If you are not a programmer do not worry. They can breathe life into your ideas and provide you with backtest reports or an Expert Advisor or Custom Indicator for you to deploy yourself.


  • Expert Advisors
  • Custom Indicators
  • Backtest Lab



MethodTraders is a Professional Metatrader Programming Service focused on delivering knowledgeable support and high quality MT4 Products and MQL Programming Services.


  • Build Automated Trading Systems, Scripts and Custom Indicators for MetaTrader to aid Traders find optimal profits in the Financial Markets.
  • MetaTrader Expert Advisors, Scripts and Indicators are indispensable tools that give the investor the facility to test the viability of his or her trading ideas logically without the financial risk.


MetaTrader Programming

MetaTrader Programming is a team of Professional MT4 and MT5 Programmers and provide Expert Advisor, Indicator, Script, or DLL Libraries coded in MQL4 or MQL5.

They offer various types of MetaTrader Programming services that are mostly related to the MT4 and MT5 Platform but our services also include programming in C, C++, Java, and the FIX Protocol for ECN Forex Brokers.


MQL Service

They specialize in Forex, Spot Metals, Futures and Shares.

They convert your ideas into MQL language executable on the MetaTrader platform.

How to Find the Best Trading Programmer For You

This can be an Expert Advisor, an Indicator, a Script or a Library. Both MT3 and MT4 programming is supported.

They provide translation of scripts from MetaTrader 3 to MetaTrader 4 and vice versa if possible. Such a translation takes usually about 1h per 100 lines of standard code.

Forex Trading for Beginners

Note that the above estimation does not include testing of translated software.


EA Coder offers a variety of currency trading tools for the MetaTrader 4 platform.



Forex-Expert-Builders specializes in programming trading tools for the Metatrader platforms.


  • Expert Advisors – the automated trading program in Metatrader is called an Expert advisor.

    This program may use other trading tools such as indicators or libraries for automation of the trading processes. We program expert advisors from scratch, or modifying existing ones.

  • Custom Indicators – the charting tool in Metatrader is called indicator.

    Automating the Way you Trade by Programming a Forex Robot

    Used widely as a trading tool for automatic and manual trading systems.

  • Scripts– a program intended for a single performing of any actions. A script can fulfil both analytical and trading functions.

    Unlike experts, scripts are executed on request, not by ticks.

  • Metatrader 5 – Solutions from scratch or porting from Metatrader 4.
  • Protection Solutions – MQL4 programs may be protected from knowledge stealth. Today a simple decompilation process may reveal your proprietary knowledge.

    We can help you protect it.

  • DLL Coding Service – the Metatrader's supported functionality is limited.

    Our Services

    Sometimes the expert advisor is required to do something which is not supported directly by the platform and may be implemented as an extension in the form of a DLL (an external library)


XP Worx

The XP Worx programmers can build your MQL4/ MQL5 Expert advisors, Inidicators, scripts, and extensions as well as upgrade your MQL4 to MQL5 and debug existing code!


  • Metatrader
  • Indicator
  • Programming
  • EA for MT4

Contact is founded by Shaun Overton with his love for programmming expert advisors and indicators in MetaTrader.

Explain the expert advisor that you want to build using his conversation starters.

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You don’t need to worry about creating anything technical. Just talk to him like you’re teaching a trading buddy your exciting, new strategy. He is a forex trader, too.


  • Metatrader Programming
  • NinjaTrader Programming
  • Free Expert Advisors



A small development firm that specializes in custom programming of various programs and scripts in MQL4, such as EA's and Indicators for the Metatrader platform.








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