Forex Trading Internet Speed

Forex trading internet speed

If you test most virtual private servers (VPS) the download speed is over 150 Mbps.

Forex trading internet speed

The upload speed is also fast and this is essential for trading during volatile times to execute a trade the moment it needs to be done to not sustain a loss. A VPS company also optimizes the computer's operating system for forex trading.

Here is a speed test result from a VPS company that we have on our preferred VPS list.

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Another benefit is that the VPS is running 24/7 and there is staff to fix a server is something happens and there are back up servers to make sure your connection to the Internet is consistent.

You could technically use your own home Internet connection but it is not advised for the most optimal trading experience.

Here are the disadvantages of trading from a home Internet connection:

  1. The computer must be on 24/7
  2. The computer's operating system should be optimized for forex trading
  3. The Internet speed must be over 100 Mbps minimum
  4. A computer crash could cause significant loss

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