Forex Trading Metatrader Indicators And Expert Advisors

Forex trading metatrader indicators and expert advisors

Forex trading metatrader indicators and expert advisors

Metatrader Expert Advisors (EAs)

About these Metatrader Expert Advisors...

What is an Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor (a.k.a EA, Forex Trading Robots, Automated Trading Systems) is a special type of application that runs on top of your Metatrader Terminal and is constantly connected to your broker server.

EAs are capable of placing, modifying and closing trades in your broker account, providing some degree of automation to your trading activity.

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The degree of automation provided depends on the intent and scope of the EA in question: some EAs only assist in the placing or management of trades, while others can implement a somewhat complete trading strategy.

Is my presence required to run an Expert Advisor?

Your constant presence is not required for an EA to run and operate, but your configuration and methodical supervision is.

What do I need to run an Expert Advisor?

You need a trading account with a Metatrader broker and a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to ensure that the Expert Advisor is always connected to the broker server, receiving quotes and executing orders at the best possible time.

Alternatively to a VPS, you can leave your home computer turned on and executing Metatrader 24/7.

Forex trading metatrader indicators and expert advisors

Kindly note that EAs will not function if you close the Metatrader terminal or shut down your computer.

Are these Expert Advisors fully automated?

Most of the EAs we provide are semi-automated, inasmuch as they require you to understand and set input parameters according to what the market is doing and the execution environment -like spreads and so on-.

Once configured, our tools provide a very high degree of automation but still require supervision.

Forex trading metatrader indicators and expert advisors

The best traders in the world use Expert Advisors as tools to enhance their activity, but not to replace their lack of skill.

Can these Expert Advisors trade without supervision?

Even though EAs can provide a very high degree of automation and decision making, they should not be left to trade alone for long periods of time without supervision, because they do not control the environment on which they are executed: the broker server.

For example the broker can go off quotes, increase margin requirements or just deny orders in your account, effectively rendering EAs useless or counter-productive.

What is the advantage of these Expert Advisors?

Our Expert Advisors are well programmed, extremely flexible and regularly updated to ensure a predictable and safe execution in your account.

Forex trading metatrader indicators and expert advisors

We offer our trading tools without hype or false promises: we believe that trading robots are just useful tools, not an easy and fast path to abundant riches -as many other vendors wrongly claim-.

How do I install and execute an EA in my Metatrader terminal?

Once you have downloaded the EA file, open your Metatrader terminal, click on File -> Open data folder -a file browser will open-, and copy the expert file into the folder MQL4 -> Experts.

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Then restart your Metatrader terminal, and drag the indicator from the Navigator to the price chart. Kindly note that Windows can't install EAs automatically in your Metatrader terminal: EAs must be installed manually.

Additionally, make sure to give the EA trading permissions in Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors.

Do you provide free Expert Advisors?

Yes, we do!

Most of our free EAs implement well-known trading strategies using standard indicators, at zero cost.

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