Gtx Trading Platform Java

Gtx trading platform java

  • Watch the interview:

    Carlo Kölzer, CEO 360T, talks about
    why FX is still under-futurised.

    AlgoTrader - Cryptocurrency Trading with Java

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  • It’s your choice – OTC FX or Listed FX.
    FX Futures – Unparalleled cost, capital
    and regulatory efficiency.

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  • The global FX marketplace for

    Corporate Treasuries
    Institutional Investors

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  • "Excellent service, excellent platform.
      It´s great to trade through 360T."

    Customer quote client satisfaction survey

  • "Compared to other ECNs, I'd say 360T's customer
      service is much more superior.
    Not just the
      knowledge but also the courtesy and professionalism."

    Customer quote client satisfaction survey

  • As an early adopter of 360T, Old Mutual has been

    very happy with the support provided by 360T

    for business as usual and various integration projects...

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  • One of the key factors why Lufthansa chose 360T

    was certainly the variety of instruments.

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  • A technology provider who can flexibly

    react and facilitate an increasingly

    complex market.

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  • Gtx trading platform java