How Do Cryptocurrency Traders Buy And Sell

How do cryptocurrency traders buy and sell

Dutch-based digital currency trading platform and bot Cryptohopper has enabled cryptocurrency traders to buy and sell high-performing trading strategies through its marketplace.

The strategies can be bought and sold by people at all skill levels.

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People buying them can implement them across exchanges they trade on.

According to a press release CoinReport received from Moli, Cryptohopper’s communications agency, less-experienced traders on the marketplace can purchase strategies that come with more than 130 Indicators and Candlestick Patterns developed by professionals on the platform.

Once bought, users’ hoppers, or bots, will execute the strategy 24/7.

Cryptohopper co-founder and CEO Ruud Feltkamp said in the news release we received, “Originally a cryptocurrency trading bot for professional traders, Cryptohopper has evolved into a platform where everyone can implement trading strategies that professionals use on a daily basis.”

He added, “There is still serious demand from mainstream consumers who are getting into cryptocurrency trading but most do not know or have time to learn technical analysis.

They just take a gamble or buy coins to HODL and ignore the trading game that professionals play.

How do cryptocurrency traders buy and sell

Cryptohopper fills this gap by allowing inexperienced users to register, buy a trading strategy from a professional trader and have their trading bot execute trades on their behalf, 24/7.”

Before buying professional strategies, beginners can practice for free with Paper Trading on the Cryptohopper platform – which means they can test the trading strategies they want to purchase with weightless digital currencies, or fake digital assets, before they sign up and trade with real digital assets.

Users are not required to run the bot on their own servers, as the platform is built on cloud services, making implementing the bot quick and easy and updating new features instant and hassle-free.

Images via Moli