How Stable Is Forex Trading

How stable is forex trading

Most people think of "stable-coins" as synonymous with the "currency" class of stable-coins alone — that is, a cryptocurrency price-pegged to that of a government-issued FIAT currency, despite the fact that FIAT-currency-pegged stable-coins are actually only one type/family of stable-coin. A stable-coin can be pegged to anything, really.

However, and of course, the currency class of stable-coins—namely, USD-pegged stable-coins—have been the most critical to trading and to the growth of decentralized finance ('DeFi').

Our main project is USD Tez (USDtz) to provide the best source of general liquidity for Tezos-token swaps.

How stable is forex trading

The US Dollar has been the global leader as a FIAT-based liquidity standard for all trading, and that that standard has ostencibly carried over to cryptocurrency trading as well.

Although the other currencies on our stable-coin roadmap such as EURO Tez (EURtz) and British Pound Tez (GBPtz), may be useful for liquidity purposes as well, we imagine that the primary utility of those other currencies will be for FOREX currency trading.

85% of daily <5 trillion dollars traded on FOREX, come from just 7 pairings referred to in the FOREX industry as "the majors"  — comprised of the following seven currencies.

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