How To Activate The Hdfc Forex Card

How to activate the hdfc forex card

How to activate the hdfc forex card

HDFC is a well known emerging private sector bank in India. It provides a number of facilities to its customers.

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One of these is Net Banking which is very important and useful. It is very useful for the customers because they don’t need to go to the bank for any transaction after activating Net Banking in HDFC.

You can create any transaction such as bill payment, money transfer, tax pay etc.

with the help of HDFC Net Banking. The most important are that these all transactions can be made from anywhere in the world.

How to activate the hdfc forex card

You need only valid id and password which is provided by the HDFC bank.

How to activate net banking in HDFC bank

It is a common question which was asked by account holders and other interested people. So, Here few easy steps are being written for activating HDFC Net Banking.

First Method

  • Write an application requesting to activate Net Banking facility to your HDFC Branch Head.
  • Submit 2 xerox copies of resident certificate and passbook.
  • Contact to branch officer and demand for Net Banking id and password.
  • The branch officer will give you id and password.

Now you are ready to use the service Net Banking.

Second Method

To activate net banking in HDFC Call on Phone Banking number of HDFC and tell detail as Customer Id, Address, Contact Number and request here to register Net Banking facility for your account.

You may get HDFC Banking number by this link: HDFC Phone Banking Number.

HDFC bank will send your IPIN to your address within 5 working days.

Third Method

You can download a Net Banking Registration form from HDFC website.

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Fill the form and submit it to your nearest HDFC bank. The bank will send the IPIN to you by post.

Fourth Method

You can activate Net Banking in HDFC Bank with the help of any HDFC Bank ATM. Go to your favorite HDFC bank ATM.

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enter your debit card here and write PIN at given places by pressing digit buttons. After processing select “other option” on the main screen.

How to activate the hdfc forex card

Now select the ‘Net BankingRegistration‘ and press confirm. Now your work is over.

How to activate the hdfc forex card

It’s bank duty to courier the IPIN to your address within 5 working days.

NOTE: you are requested to change the first password which you get from the bank.

After getting the IPIN, by any process given above, you will be able to use Net Banking in HDFC Bank. For this, you have to go on HDFC site and select the Net Banking. Feed your id and password and now you can make any transaction.

Travelling abroad? Know How to Register/Activate HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card Online.

For any other information about Net Banking contact the HDFC customer care.

To login to HDFC net Banking Website watch:

You can watch the demo for HDFC Net banking: Demo

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