How To Become A Cryptocurrency Influencer

How to become a cryptocurrency influencer

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been all the rave of the past year. Bitcoin and other blockchain companies have created an unregulated and unstable market that will likely be the future of currency.

Influencer Marketing in the Cryptocurrency Age

During its peak, Bitcoin went from $300 a share to $20,000 per share alone! However, for now, cryptocurrency is a volatile asset and requires a great amount of information and research to properly utilize.

How To Become A Cryptocurrency Influencer And Entrepreneur

For this article, we will be diving into the world of cryptocurrency and show you the top ten cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube. With cryptocurrency growing in popularity and value, these influencers have the industry knowledge to understand the world’s most volatile currency.

With nearly 1,700 cryptocurrencies available on the market today, it is important to know what is hot and what is not.

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Enjoy our list as we explore the future of the global economy!

  1. Ian Balina

114k subscribers

Ian is a former Analytic Evangelist for IBM turned cryptocurrency advisor and investor.

His work with cryptocurrency has garnered attention from major news organizations such as Huffington Post, WSJ, and Forbes.

How to become a cryptocurrency influencer

Ian is most famous for taking a data-driven analytics approach to Crypto Currencies, which he has coined “Token Metrics.” He has spent his most recent years as the founder of 100X Advisors which is a blockchain management and advisory group that focuses on cryptocurrency. His YouTube channel has comprehensive videos on the markets of cryptocurrency and the newest players in the market, which is a great place to start learning about cryptocurrency.

  1. DataDash

320k subscribers

DataDash is a comprehensive cryptocurrency analytics company that utilizes YouTube to talk about global trends, data algorithms, and market indicators.

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Nicholas Merten is the founder of DataDash and was formerly an industry analyst in the securities market before realizing the upside potential of cryptocurrency.

Nicholas spreads a message of speculation on the current currency market and explains that cryptocurrency will undoubtedly be the future of investing, but it also solves the problems of current currency markets in the world.

How to become a cryptocurrency influencer

His YouTube channel is extremely informative and will give viewers a solid foundation on which to question the current currency markets.

  1. Crypt0

120k subscribers

Omar Bham, aka Crypt0, is an interesting addition to our list as he has no previous financial investment experience.

Omar was previously an actor and is ushering in a new era of blockchain management while exposing the shortcomings of the current financial market. He believes that since the 2008 financial crisis, financial markets have been utilizing loopholes and running a corrupt system.

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His YouTube channel explains this argument and how to utilize cryptocurrency to even the playing fields and let the people win in the financial market.

  1. Ameer Rosic

170k subscribers

Ameer Rosic is a self-made entrepreneur, market investor, and co-founder of the innovation hub Blockgeeks.

Blockgeeks’ mission is to educate people on the complex world of blockchain, which is what makes cryptocurrency valuable.

Crypto Influencer

Blockgeeks seeks to connect a wide array of cryptocurrency investors and analysts to come to the best conclusion much like a think tank. Rosic’s YouTube channel features videos on entrepreneurship, investing, and mental coaching for success. It has become wildly popular for people who wish to enter the cryptocurrency market but feels underprepared.

  1. Suppoman

140k subscribers

Also known as Savage Cash, Suppoman is a play on words to dress up as the cryptocurrency version of Superman.

His YouTube content is very personable and exciting which is what attracts so many viewers. Suppoman does not have any formal background in cryptocurrency but has studied it for many years on his own as it has started to gain popularity. On top of his informative and up-to-date vlog postings about market movements, Suppoman also runs his own seminar on cryptocurrency on where he teaches trading essentials, cryptocurrency analytics, and much more about the crypto market.

  1. Ivan on Tech

206k subscribers

Ivan is an international speaker, blockchain educator, and data scientist.

He runs his own academy teaching individuals how to pursue blockchain trading careers and speaks at multiple seminars on tech stocks.

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Ivan on Tech is a very polished representative of the crypto market and does an excellent job at conveying the principles of blockchain in an understandable manner for the everyday person. With over 11,000 students, Ivan runs the largest cryptocurrency academy in the world and is well renowned as an expert in the field.

  1. Boxmining

193k subscribers

Michael Gu is the editor and founder of Boxmining.

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The platform seeks to give unbiased information about the world of blockchain. Michael Gu joined YouTube in 2012 when he first broke into the crypto market after he realized the lack of information present in the cryptocurrency community. Michael believes that country based currency and the idea of fiat are not long for society so he has made it his passion to educate those who see the future of cryptocurrency and help them capitalize on the opportunity.

  1. Doug Polk Crypto

189k subscribers

Doug Polk is a cryptocurrency analyst and YouTube personality that hosts his own crypto podcast informing people about the most up to date trends in blockchain.

How to become a cryptocurrency influencer

Polk takes a different approach than most to the cryptocurrency community; he invites multiple personalities and opinions on his shows and YouTube videos to debate Blockchain.

He claims that this gives him the most comprehensive answers to the most difficult questions surrounding cryptocurrency.


Doug was formerly a world series poker player before entering crypto where he gained over 180,000 subscribers in 3 months for his efforts to expose scam artists in the cryptocurrency industry. Now he spends his time educating his followers through his CoinCentral informative platform.

  1. Andreas Antonopoulos

179k subscribers

Andreas Antonopoulos is a famous Greek-born British cryptocurrency expert.

He is the host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency podcast, as well as a YouTube star in data mining and blockchain research. Andreas started researching blockchain in 2012 after he abandoned his freelance consultant position. He started offering free of charge writings on Bitcoin and speeches to upcoming crypto companies and consultants.

How to become a cryptocurrency influencer

Now he is a popular bitcoin writer and has written a best-selling book Mastering Bitcoin, which explores the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Crypto Bobby

138k subscribers

Bobby Lee is the co-founder of BTC China, a popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency analytics company that is now the largest bitcoin exchange in China.

BTC China offers the most liquidity of any bitcoin companies in China which is why he has become so popular. Crypto Bobby believes that governments are losing control of their currency monopoly as Bitcoin and other crypto’s surge in popularity and effectiveness.

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Bobby spends his time educating and incentivizing his followers to adopt cryptocurrency trading and analytics as he believes it is the inevitable future.

His YouTube channel is full of engaging content based around the future currency and how to break into the market with massive profit margins.

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