How To Buy Cryptocurrency In Jamaica

How to buy cryptocurrency in jamaica

Lately i've been getting a lot of questions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies...

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the usual questions an investor would ask. I'm going to outline "how to purchase Bitcoin (BTC)" in Jamaica and by extension the Caribbean.


  1. Do you need a wallet to store your BTC? Yes
  2. Which wallet should i use?

    Exodus is one of the simplest, their interface isnt bad.

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    Jaxx is another, a bit more flexible, adjustable. Those are desktop wallets that store cryptocurrency on your computer. There are hardware wallets like the Ledger pictured below (referral: ), paper wallets - yes, actual paper that you print...

    it'll have your private keys etc labelled on it, and online wallets too..

    Buy bitcoin instantly in Jamaica


  3. Are wallets free? Yes 
  4. Can i create as many wallets as i want?

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  5. Does anywhere in Jamaica accept BTC as payment? At time of writing, no 
  6. Can you cash out your BTC or any other form of crypto?

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    Yes, but it's gotten more difficult since recent... (not specific to Jamaica).

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    But there are Bitcoin Prepaid Debit Cards.

  7. Mining!!!?

    How to buy cryptocurrency in jamaica

    :-D creating your own money... another HOT question.

    Bitcoin & Crypto Updates

    Swerve, maybe in the next post. 8: Is it too late to invest? Did i miss the boat?

    How to buy cryptocurrency in jamaica

    Who knows. If you're here reading this you've probably seen the bigger picture or willing to take a risk.

First you need to get signup and create an account.

Once you've done that you need to verify some documents as part of their Anti-money laundering/ Know your customer policy.

How to buy cryptocurrency in jamaica

Some personal information, ID, etc.

Once you've verified your account you can start purchasing BTC with your Debit/ Credit card.
Referral link:

Decide how much you want to exchange: 

Choose how you want to pay:

Once you've successfully done that, go back to the main page click the button/ link "Buy BTC with all your USD:" 

That's basically it.

Jamaica's Gateway to Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain Technology

Only additional step would be to send your BTC to a wallet. Keep your private keys secure.

N.B.: Sending BTC nowadays is expensive see one of my previous posts.

How to buy cryptocurrency in jamaica

For now its cheaper to transact with (ETH)ereum, DASH, maybe even Litecoin. at the time of writing, only exchanges BTC & ETH, which brings us to the next exchange...

Same procedure, get your account verified, Deposit, choose how you want to deposit.

NOW, in order to deposit from a Debit/ Credit card you need to have a 3D secure card (a card with the chip)

Same as above, 3d secure card if you're exchanging dollars.

This site should also work but i haven’t tried it. Last i heard it wasn’t working.

How to cash out your Bitcoin to a Jamaican Bank Account

But you can find more information about it → here ← if service resumes.

I think the fees are pretty high, but they do accept Paypal...

so that's there if you need it


HitBTC, Kraken, Bitfinex are maybes..

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experiment if you want.