How To Buy Golem Cryptocurrency

How to buy golem cryptocurrency


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Golem GNT is at an excellent price level to accumulate. Given the current Etherium price around $150 it seems that Golem is lagging Etherium considerably.

How to buy golem cryptocurrency

I have recently sold nearly all Etherium to buy Golem. I expect upward momentum to favor Golem over Etherium in the next few days or weeks. I also expect that Golem GNT's downside is much more limited giving GNT a favorable risk/return over Etherium.

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I will continue accumulating Golem GNT at this price level.


Relative to Bitcoin

During much of the run up to high price levels this month, the so called altcoins rose at the expense of bitcoin's market capitalization.

How to buy golem cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is absorbing less and less of new capital inflows entering the cryptocurrency market. This trend should continue and makes pricing in bitcoin less and less reliable as a price guage.

How to buy Golem?

For a wallet I am currently using Exodus at Convert Etherium or Bitcoin at and move into the Golem wallet A good online wallet is at

Whether buying Ether or Golem these are good entry prices.

How to buy golem cryptocurrency

I always recommend keeping fiat in a currency portfolio to take advantage of major price swings. Even if Ether loses half its value I will still have the funds to buy more at the lower levels.

Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access.

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It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.

Etherium Price

Golem depends on Etherium blockchain which is much more reliable than the bitcoin blockchain which has major scaling issues. Golem is one of the few icos that have been launched which have real world applications.

How to buy golem cryptocurrency

Many recent icos seem to be to complex or convoluted to attract general users.

Golem Price In BTC and USD has Found Major Support

GNT's price is strongly supported at these levels making a further decline less probable. In the event that GNT does overshoot to lower levels I would be prepared further increase my position by selling USD/GNT
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How to buy golem cryptocurrency