How To Check Ipo Allotment In Zerodha

How to check ipo allotment in zerodha


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Time needed: 15 minutes.

This is a step-by-step guide to directly apply for any active IPOs directly through Zerodha Console, using the Zerodha Console (UPI, BHIM method).

How to check ipo allotment in zerodha

  • Log on to Zerodha Console

    Log on to the Zerodha Console link:

  • Log in with your Zerodha credentials

    If prompted, log in with your “User ID”, “Password”(in the first screen), and enter your PIN (in the second screen) to complete the login process.

  • Choose the IPO you wish to bid for

    In the list under “Active IPO Window”, from the list of active IPOs, choose the row that contains the IPO you wish to apply for, and click the “Place Bid” option.

  • Review the IPO offer details

    On the left, you will see the details of the IPO offer including the following:
    – Date of IPO Open
    – Date of IPO Close
    – Issue Size
    – Issue Price Band
    – Application Lot Size (Market Lot)
    – Tick size
    – Minimum Order Quantity
    – Discount (if any)
    – Also, there should be a hyperlink to the “Red Herring Prospectus” for reference.

    How to check ipo allotment in zerodha

  • Enter your UPI ID

    To the right, enter your UPI ID.
    A few things to note in this case:
    Make sure that your UPI app is in the list of approved apps.

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    A ready reference of the approved apps is available at the NPCI website[link]. Click on the tab “UPI Apps & Banks live on IPO“, and refer to the “UPI Apps live on IPO” list (not the other tables).

    The list of approved apps may continually change.

    How to check ipo allotment in zerodha

    So, it’s a good decision to refer to this list every time you apply for IPO, so that your information is up-to-date.

  • Next, enter the desired lots (quantity), and price

    Next enter the quantity (making sure that the amount is a pure multiple of the lot size), and the price you wish to bid at.

    How to check ipo allotment in zerodha

    It is always a good time to choose the cut-off price (selecting the check-box option at “Cut-off price” option.

  • Click the “Read disclaimer” checkbox

    Click the “Read Disclaimer” checkbox to confirm that you have read the legalese on the IPO application.

  • Click “Submit”

    Finally click “Submit”.

    How to check ipo allotment in zerodha

  • Accept the Mandate (to Collect) on your UPI app

    The final step is to accept the mandate in your respective UPI app.