How To Close Binary Online Account

How to close binary online account

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Delete Banc De Binary Account

Binary options trading can earn you high returns in one single trade. However, substantial loss can be acquired if your trade ends out-of-the-money.

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Sometimes, consecutive losses can cause frustration on the trader’s part. This is one great reason why some investors decide to put an end to their trading careers.

How to close binary online account

They have acquired more losses than gains in trading binary options, despite the fact that Banc De Binary offers low-risk level on all of its options. There are some traders who wish to end their partnership with Banc De Binary because they have raised enough profits.

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Whatever the reason is, standard operating procedures must be followed in order to terminate your trading account.

You can have your account permanently deleted by making a Banc De Binary close account request. Simply inform our support desk team about your request and you will be asked to provide your contact details.

In this case, an account manager will contact you by phone and will give you the appropriate details on how to close your Banc De Binary account.

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You can place your account termination request via the method that best suits you; online chat, phone or e-mail.

Please be advised that we do not impose fees, charges or other requirements when you send us your Banc De Binary close account request.

Should you feel the urge of ending your partnership with us, Banc De Binary will respect your decision.

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Let us give you the highest level of service up to the last minute of your membership with us.

Before you submit a request, check if you still have remaining funds in your account. Also, make sure that you have terminated all open trade to avoid technical problems.

How to close binary online account

Should you close your account, you will be able to withdraw all the remaining funds in your trading account.

In trading binary options, risks are evidently inevitable. If there are no risks involved, then there’s no reason to quit and close one’s account. However, there are some who already gained enough profits and decide to end their career before it’s too late.

How to close binary online account

But whatever your purpose, standard procedures must be followed to permanently delete your Banc De Binary trading account, and this can be done with our Banc De Binary close account option.