How To Put My Pension Into Cryptocurrency

How to put my pension into cryptocurrency

When it comes to government, The Dollar Vigilante has been quite clear that our view is that government is an illegitimate and unnecessary evil.

And, we’ve been even more clear on our view of extortion or as the illegitimate government calls it, “taxation”, with our article, “A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals.”

However, we are aware that the great majority of people today find themselves being enslaved and extorted and try to find as many ways around it as possible.

How to put my pension into cryptocurrency

And, we applaud any attempt to avoid being extorted in whatever way you deem necessary.

One way to at least defer this theft is via an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

In this interview I spoke with Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets where we discussed how you can put cryptocurrencies into your IRA and why it is an excellent way to protect your retirement funds from hyperinflation and collapse.

We talked a lot about how important it is to your future to move funds from a standard IRA to a self-directed IRA and how you can hold many assets in the self-directed IRA including gold, silver, real estate and cryptocurrencies.

Gus Demos will be presenting at the upcoming TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit on February 19th in Acapulco, Mexico.

And, he’ll be there for the entire week at Anarchapulco so you could even find time to sit down with him and plan out your financial future.

With so many of our subscribers having massive gains this year in cryptocurrencies we will also have two other speakers at the TDV Summit focused on helping them to avoid extortion as much as possible.

One of the speakers will talk about putting cryptocurrencies into a trust and the other will talk about how Americans can move their residency to Puerto Rico to avoid extortion.

The Summit is filling up fast so if you’d like to attend make sure to register soon HERE.

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