How To Use Statistics For Forex Trading

How to use statistics for forex trading

#2: What Traders Are Doing in Their Trading

Do traders aim for a higher win rate, or a higher risk reward (bigger winners)?

How to use statistics for forex trading

64% of traders aim for higher win rate trades.

What do traders plan to study and focus on in the coming months? 43% of traders plan on improving their trade rules and plan, with 30% looking to find better trade entries.

On ‘average’ how many trades do traders make each month?41% of traders make 9-20 trades per month.

How to Use Trading Statistics to Increase Your Chances of Success 🔢

35% make 4-8 trades per month and 14% make over 30 trades per month.

How many strategies have traders tested – including; price action, indicators, bots/EA’S?26% of traders have tested 6 or more, whilst a further 38% have tested 3 or more.

What time frames do traders make their trades on? (NOTE: Multiple choice question asking all time frames used).

66% of traders use the daily charts whilst 48% use the 1 hour charts.

In the last 12 months what have traders purchased to help speed up their learning time in the markets?47% have not bought anything to help their trading (including books or trade testers).

How to use statistics for forex trading

53% have purchased either courses, books or strategy testers.

During the trading week where do traders spend most of their time online?50% of traders spend their time online reading lessons and watching videos, whilst 8% are part of a group or tribe.

How many hours per day do traders spend with their charts and trading?

45% of traders spend 1-2 hours a day trading, whilst 14% spend 6 hours or more.

How to use statistics for forex trading