Made For Trade Visifold Threshold Options

Made for trade visifold threshold options

All of our Bi-folding doors are fully assembled and tested in the factory jigs prior to despatch.

They are photographed up to 28 times to ensure they reach you in perfect working condition.

Made for trade visifold threshold options

These photographs are then put into every accessory box that is sent out that is sent out with our fitters.

Smarts Bi-fold Quality Control

We believe that the best way to make sure that every single one of our Bi-fold doors arrives to you in an excellent working condition, is to check them thoroughly before they leave the factory.

Each Bi-fold door therefore that leaves the factory is checked by Quality Control; for more details see our Quality Control page.

The sizes detailed below are for guidance only; maximum widths can vary depending on your chosen height and vice versa.

Widths wider than 6250 can be achieved with a mechanical joint to head and threshold sections.

Made for trade visifold threshold options

Panels can be made less than 700mm wide - please ask our technical department for advice.

Smarts Bi-folds Recommended Sizes

Minimum Width1400mm
Maximum Width6250mm+
Minimum Height1600mm
Maximum Height3000mm
Maximum Panel Width1200mm
Maximum Weight120 kgs

*Please Be Advised: Doors over 2500mm tall maybe subject to a wind loading check.

In which case we will need to know the location, postcode and facing of the doors.

Smarts Bi-fold Door Key Profile Dimensions

Outer Frame Depth 70mm
Sash Depth74.5mm
Glazed Sealed Units28mm (4 x 20 x 4)
Projection Cill Height - Optional25mm
Head Extension - Optional20mm
Transom / Mullion - if Required49 mm

These statistics apply for: Open out doors, double-glazed units, 90% argon gas filled (4mm Planitherm total +, 3mm Planilux), 16mm or more, Swiss V warm edge spacerbar (1.2 Glass - U Value centre Pane*).

Smarts Bi-folding Doors Specifying - Suitable Applications

  • Can be specified for residential / domestic applications.
  • Meets building regulations for new build.

    Made for trade visifold threshold options

    (For Oct 2010)

  • Meets building regulations for replacement and refurbishment projects. (For Oct 2010)
  • Standard threshold; suitable for use on the ground floor up to second floor. (Recommended fully weather rated threshold).
  • Low threshold options; suitable for use on the ground floor only, not recommended for properties situated by the coast or installed in exposed locations.

    How to Install Bi-folding Doors - Like a Pro

Smarts Bi-folds Sight-lines

Head / Top102.5mm
Jamb / Side102.5mm
Meeting Stiles132mm
Bottom - With Std.


Bottom - 20mm Low Threshold90.5mm
Bottom - 15mm Low Threshold85.5mm>

Please Note:
The details for the bottom sight-lines and step height are the optimum / best case scenario for open out doors that have been sunk / dropped into the floor.

Smarts Bi-fold Number of Door Panels

No of Door Panels2345678+
Minimum Width (mm)140021002800350042004900Please ask
Maximum Width (mm)200030004000500060007000Please ask

Please remember all sizes are for guidance only and are subject to location of the fitted product.

Please contact us for more information.

Slide folding doors offering slim sightlines that are ideally suited to residential applications.

Made for trade visifold threshold options

Meeting Stile Detail

20mm Low Threshold Detail

Jamb & Head Detail

Smarts Bi-folding Door Performance