Omnia Bitcoin Trading Bot

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

Omnia App Scam Review – ( Critical Alert )

This new Omnia App trading software has become a problematic Scam throughout the binary option industry, causing severe funding losses & disappointed traders.

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We cannot say for certain the exact number of traders who’ve already fallen victim to the Omnia trading scam, but one thing’s for certain, the amount of reports from disgruntled members is growing very quickly. After investigating my Matthew Hammersmith, it revealed many disturbing factors and scamming variables, explaining why Omnia App is very dangerous for its users.

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

We implore all traders who’re remotely contemplating in joining with this trading applications, please read our review before making any decision, where we fully expose the nature & severity of this Scam.

From Paid actors, Imposters, Fake Companies, and outrageous “guarantees” of wealth, the Omnia software cannot be trusted as a reliable trading source.

Additional Warning: Omnia App Scam is currently being advertised through two different websites: &

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

Both trading platforms are exactly identical, leading curious traders to join the same fraudulent auto trading bot. Use caution!

Omnia App Review – Serious Money Losing SCAM

So what exactly is this Omnia trading software?

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

In simplest terms, its nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme throwing unethical promises of becoming millionaires within 181 days of being a member. But if this software were truly capable of generating such massive payouts with “little to no effort” from your part as Matthew claims in his videos, you honestly believe this software would be granted for free? Seriously?!

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Contrary to reality, these scammers would have you think otherwise, stating their Omnia software is 100% ‘risk free’ and mathematically impossible to lose any trades, by “analyzing trading positions at the deepest level”, whatever that even means. Basically a bunch of fancy words placed together for manipulating traders into believing they can probably bank $5,700 – $10,000 per day.

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

Our sources speak otherwise so lets review & tear this binary fraud apart!

Omnia Investments‘= FAKE Comp.

Beginning with its origins is critical for understanding how deceitful and misleading this entire program truly is.

According to Mr Hammersmith and his introductory videos, the Omnia App was headed and funded by his own company, Omnia Investments, a startup corporation based within the U.S., along with an accumulative $380 Million Net worth. Interestingly enough zero evidence was found confirming this company’s existence.

Omnia bitcoin trading bot

The terminology “Omnia” is widely used by numerous organizations, apps, & other productions, however none correlated to binary trading systems. There mere fact Google doesn’t recognize Omnia Investments as a registered establishment proves this enterprise is purely fabricated.

Now imagine what other aspects they’re lying about if these scam-artists are not being honest about its development?

Omnia App Imposters

Remember that guy calling himself the CEO & Founder of Omnia Investments?

What Is Omnia Tech?

Guess what? He’s nothing but a phony too considering the fact we proved his company isn’t real. But there’s more to this scammer than most traders who come across & wont known. This actor pretending to be Matthew is a well-known actor seen throughout the industry promoting countless scams such as the GPS Trader, and similar versions of the same scam. This finding not only proves his identity is falsified, but also shows traders what type of person this man is, holding a damaging reputation for promoting harmful scams to beginner traders.

The Collapse Of Omnia Tech And The Rise Of A New Trading Ponzi scheme

Seeing him encouraging the use of Omnia App Scam is NOT a comforting site.

Bad Omnia Trading Results – Risky Methods

As you can see, Omnia trading app is beginning to unveil itself as untrustworthy, and its methods only continue to get worse for convincing potential customers.

Traders want to make money, a lot of money if possible, and this is were things progress into deeper cesspools of lies. At one point, this imposter attempts to display how profitable Omnia App is by showing profit charts in efforts to hypnotize their viewers.

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First off, allow me to clarify a detrimental fact, the dates displayed here are outdated from a year ago, insinuating Omnia App has been in existence this long. Unfortunately our lookup through Who.Is solidifies these statemented are inaccurate, proving was recently established barely two weeks prior to posting today’s review.

Another factor to examine, judging by the “average per trade” value, $202 – 240 per trade shows how aggressive this software operates.

Keep in mind its extremely important to apply safe money management practices by only risking around 10% of your overall account.

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These numbers also show how aggressive Omnia trading app places each transaction, further explaining and shedding light as to why so many traders who joined Omnia software are experiencing total depletion of their funds without profitable results.

Omnia App Review – Final Thoughts & Helpful Advice

Review Judgement: We cannot be more clear, Avoid Matt’s Omnia Trading Scam, and be careful you dont deposit any money within or!

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Complaints have grown but hopefully our Omnia Review will aid the prevention of added innocent victims!

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Dont be discouraged if you were hoping that Omnia App was your chance for financial freedom.

There are still plenty of Reliable Trading Apps essential for its users and easy for beginners for not only limiting risk factors, but also maximizing big profits.

OMNIA trading bot new 2018

Remember there’s no such thing as a “perfect” investment opportunity as risks are always involved, But with the right software, you can be very successful. I thank you for taking time to read our honest & unbiased Omnia App review, and we invite everyone to share their opinions, concerns & feedback below.

Cheers and happy trading!

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