Trading The Forex Fractal

Trading the forex fractal

Understanding How To Trade Fractals Course

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Time Frame:5min


Metatrader Indicators:


6EMA, 12EMA, 34EMA

Long Entry:

6EMA is higher than 12ema which is higher than 34ema;

The Up Fractalneed to form above the EMAs for LONG;

We open a buy trade when the price is higherthan the Up Fractal by 2 pips as shown in the following picture.

Short Entry:

6ema is less than 12ema which is less than 34ema;

The Down Fractal needs to form below the EMAs for SHORT ;

We open a short trade when the price is lower than the Down Fractal by 2 pips.


The trade will exit by itself after we set the stoplossjust below the previous up fractal for short trades or just below the down fractal for a long trade.

The takeprofit:6 pips AUD/USD, 8 pips EUR/USD, 10/pips GBP/USD.

In the picture below an example of how works the strategy.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Trading the forex fractal