Trading Vs Investing Cryptocurrency

Trading vs investing cryptocurrency

Trading vs investing cryptocurrency

I am excited for cryptocurrencies, because they are more like currents than fixed currencies in how we view currencies now. In fiat economies, a currency is controlled by someone and everyone works to obtain the currency.

Trading vs investing cryptocurrency

Now we create currencies in projects we are passionate about and we obtain value that way.

I believe the best way to invest is to spend time and energy on platforms like SteemIt, where the effort, responsibility and reward is shared by the community.

I believe the dips happen because people take their money out on the weekend to shop around. Once more people leave their long weekly jobs, these fluctuations will be more stable.

The more people on the system, the more dramatic these drops are.

Option trading wheel weeklies or monthlies

These corrections used to take years to happen in the centralized system, but now the crypto market adjusts in the moment to the demands of the world.

and there is a lot of potential. We are just getting started.

May you all live long and prosper.

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