What Data To Plug Into Options Trading Spreadsheet For Volume

What data to plug into options trading spreadsheet for volume

AgriCharts Excel Plug-In Instructions

AgriCharts WebStation and AgPlus Real-Time are built on Windows-based advanced technology that allows you to pull data into an Excel spreadsheet.

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This can be accomplished using an Excel Add-In.

Please follow these directions to get started:

Download the AgriCharts Excel Plug-In

The Excel Add-In is designed for AgriCharts data to be imported into one worksheet.

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Any custom views, additional calculations, etc. that you write would be done on another worksheet that links into the data sheet.

What data to plug into options trading spreadsheet for volume

Download the AgriCharts Excel Add-In
(Right click on link and select "Save Target As ...")

Save the Excel Plug-In on your desktop.

Once you have downloaded the Plug-In to your computer, you need to install it.

  1. Open and Run the 'agrichartsxl.msi' installation program. This program will install the Add-In into Excel.

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  2. Open Excel, go to Tools->Add-Ins and make sure the AgriCharts Excel Add-In is checked.
  3. Go to Tools->AgriCharts->Help and follow the directions on the help file to enter symbols and data fields.

    What data to plug into options trading spreadsheet for volume

  4. To receive price updates for a contract such as Corn, enter in a cell the following update formula: =agdata("ZCN8","last")

    This formula will update the cell with the last price for ZCN8.

    Alternatively, you can enter a symbol in a cell to the left of your data fields, such as ZCN8 in cell A1, then enter the formula to use the data found in cell A1, such as =agdata(A1,"last").  Notice that quote marks are not required around A1 in the formula. 

    This will result in the last price for the symbol entered in A1.

    To continue with additional fields to the right, such as timestamp, in cell A3 enter:

    Get a Sample Spreadsheet

  5. To start the update of data into your worksheet, go to Tools->AgriCharts->Start Data
  6. You will be prompted for your AgriCharts Username and Password, as well as a connection mode (use TCP Streaming).

    If you get an error, go to Tools->AgriCharts->Settings and re-enter your Username and Password.  Also, select Connection Mode of TCP Streaming.

    You may also try other connection modes if the data still does not update into the spreadsheet.

For assistance, please contact AgriCharts Customer Support at 800-238-5814, 312-554-8122 or [email protected]


AgriCharts Excel Add-In Additional Information
This add-in provides the capability of accessing ddfplus real-time data within Excel by using a simple function: AGDATA(Symbol, Field).

In order to use this function, simply enter it in one or more cells specifying the desired symbol as the first parameter and the desired field as the second parameter.

What data to plug into options trading spreadsheet for volume

For example, to request the ‘Open’ field value for ‘IBM’ the following text should be typed in a cell: ‘=AGDATA(“IBM”,”open”)’ (excluding the single quotes). The following fields are available using the AGDATA() function:

“timestamp”: date and time of last update
“bid”: current bid
“bidsize”: current bid size
“ask”: current ask
“asksize”: current ask size
“open”: open
“high”: high
“low”: low
“close”: close
“last”: last
“previous”: previous price
“volume”: volume
“oi”: open interest
“previousvolume”: previous trading day’s volume
“previousoi”: previous trading day’s open interest

The settings can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Tools->AgriCharts->Settings’ menu.

Using Smart Tags

A dialog will be displayed that contains three options: ‘Username’, ‘Password’, and ‘Connection Mode’.

Enter the user name and password provided by AgriCharts in the corresponding fields.

Select the ‘TCP Streaming’ setting in the ‘Connection Mode’ pull-down list.